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The quality and craftsmanship of older construction is not a lost art. We follow the Secretary of Interior’s Standards on Historic Restoration and take pride in our workmanship in matching both the original architectural design and products used. When restoring your property, don’t choose just anyone; choose a contractor who has the experience and attitude to bring it back to the magnificent building it once was. Restoration Concepts should be your first choice in all your restoration projects.

Evaluation and Investigation

To avoid extensive repairs one should have an evaluation done once a year. This includes

  • Caulk Condition
  • Mortar Condition
  • Flashing Systems
  • Structural Cracking
Most damage can be seen from the exterior and can be readily assessed but in some cases we recommend an investigative opening in the structure. This involves removing either the exterior façade, or the interior wall covering to thoroughly investigate the cause of the damage. Working with architects and engineers we are able to give the most accurate quotes and avoid unforeseen issues.

Window Restoration

Are your windows caulked or painted shut? We can restore your old wood or metal windows and make them operational again. A common misconception is that old windows are not energy efficient. However, with proper weather stripping your windows can be both usable and efficient.

Old glass and hardware are some components in old windows that can be hard to find; with our resources we have the ability to fully restore your old windows.

Structural Stabilization

Stability is key for any structure. Deteriorated piers and rotten sills can be linked to most structural problems. Our services include restoration and reproduction of damaged or missing structural components; adding piers to remove floor sagging or whole house foundation replacement or repair.

Plaster Repair

Interior plaster is widely used in old homes and due to settling over time cracks form. Following the Historic Plaster Repair Specifications, we have the ability to conserve and repair ornamental moldings as well as wall and ceiling textures.

Tuck Pointing

Many old buildings are constructed from relatively soft and porous brick. Lime putty mortar was commonly used because it is porous and allows moisture to freely evaporate. It is also softer than the brick and can withstand a certain amount of movement. Many contractors use a concrete based mortar that is very harmful to the soft brick. We work with Virginia Lime Works to get an exact color and mixture match. We use specialty tools to remove the damaged mortar without harming the adjacent bricks and follow specific guidelines in the tuck pointing process.

Masonry Cleaning

Biological growth and pollution are the two leading causes of masonry discoloration. Depending on the material and the amount of pollution, we have a number of different methods available to bring back the vibrant color your building once had. Give us a call to discuss the options available to you.

Lead Paint Remediation

As of September 2010 the EPA issued a rule requiring the use of lead safe practices. Under this rule firms working in pre-1978 homes and child occupied facilities must be certified and use lead safe practices during renovations. Minor repair and maintenance of more than 6 square feet interior and more than 20 square feet exterior apply to this rule.

Restoration Concepts is certified and we train non–certified workers to follow all EPA rules to give our clients the safest and healthiest environment during the renovation.

Sheet Metal Design and Recreation

Following the Architectural Sheet Metal Manual and Standard Practice in Sheet Metal Work we have the ability to replicate various designs in sheet metal fabrication.

  • Spires
  • Chimney Caps
  • Chimney Flashing
  • Parapet Caps
  • Flat Lock Roofing
  • Copper Box Gutter
  • Collector Boxes